Why I keep a personal log of bugs

When creating software, you’ll make mistakes. Sometimes they’ll be huge, sometimes they’ll be small but you can always learn from them if you spend some extra time documenting them. In order to learn from those mistakes and try to avoid them in the future you can develop a bug log. We’ll see here what that is and how it works but I promise it helps.

How to be a better remote worker

The current scene, with so many companies working remotely, leaves the employees with some changes in how things work in a company when there’s no office that are not obvious. Dynamics, habits and workflows change to some extent in a remote organization. Here I share some of the things I’ve learnt in the last few years that helped me from the perspective of a regular employee in a fully remote company.

Remove empty elements in an array in PHP

How to remove empty elements in an array in PHP without having trouble with the indexes. This happens because the result of array_map or array_filter can leave some indexes out of the array.